Editing Project

10 mistakes made by Sidelines

1. Original: On Friday afternoon, when it was sunny and 75 degrees, music was in the air at “Monaroo,” an annual festival held every spring at Monohan residence hall.

Monohan Residence Hall should be capitalized. It is the name of the building. 

2. Original: On Nov. 16, two men reported that they found a note on their front porch that read,”f–s, go back to Cal!” The note was pinned to a package by a knife with a picture of President Donald Trump on the handle, according to the police report.

The beginning quotation mark should be opening instead of closing. 

3. Original Headline:

Movie Moments: when and why they make an impact

“When” should be capitalize. The word following colons are always capitalize. 

4. Original Headline:

Taylor Swift Shows Maturity on 1989

A headline should be down style.  Taylor Swift shows maturity on 1989.

5. Original Headline:

Living a century: the world through the eyes of 105-year-old Murfreesboro resident

The word following a colon should be capitalize. “The” should be capitalized. 

6. Original Headline:

Count to five: the story of a campus sexual assault

Numbers should always be in numerals when in a headline. “five” should be “5.” 

7. Original: On one side of MTSU’s Campus Recreation Center, students entrust their health to barbells and treadmills; on the other side, students are provided with medical care including condoms, birth control and STI testing to protect against health concerns that are less predictable than the freshman 15

There was no punctuation at the end of this sentence. A period should be added after 15.

8. Original Headline:

Don’t be silly, wrap your willy: maintaining sexual health at MTSU

Words following a colon in a headline should be capitalized. 

9. Original: She played a fifteen-minute set and urged the audience to check out her brand new mixtape, which dropped April 1.

“Fifteen-minute” should be “15-minute.”

10. Original Headline:

“Life” is an exciting sci-fi horror flick despite unoriginality

Only single quotes should be used in headlines, ‘Life.’




Student Media Meeting

I attended a student media meeting last Thursday, April 6th. There were only six attending.

The first topic was over the storms we had experienced the night before. Most extreme weather missed the the majority of Rutherford County but was bad in Bedford and Coffee County. 1300 homes lost power. There was a lot of wind damage but nothing serious happened.

Another interesting topic to me was the interview with the dad of the runaway teen, Elizabeth Thomas. He did a local interview hoping his daughter would see it. He said to his daughter, “Tad Cummins is a liar.”

Some other small news brought up was about government road and political subjects.

The meeting was short and sweet. It was smaller than I had expected.


Photo Gallery Submitted to Sidelines




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